This is our attempt to share the “Why?” behind Rushmore.

We want you to know where we’re going to take you before you join Rushmore, so you can decide whether Rushmore is something you want to be a part of. Off we go.

Our purpose for Rushmore is two-fold

  • 1Bring Artists and Fans closer together

  • 2Make it easier to be an artist and a fan

  • That’s it. That’s what we’re all about. Simple right?


Long term

We want to bring artists and music fans closer together. We want to create a world in which it’s easy and fun to be a fan and an artist, connecting both in real time and in an interactive way. How are the fans? Where are fans? How are they consuming the artist content? These are just some of the questions we want to help the artists understand about their fans.

Short term

In the shorter term, we’re just trying to create a fun place for the artist to be able to share all of their special moments in real time and interact with the music fans, create great content quickly and easily and grow their fan base. Also we want to be a place for the fan to connect with and support the artists they love, find new music and stay up to date with music news and all the information about their favorite artists.


We believe that the fan wants to be closer to the artists, wants to interact with them and be a part of their day to day, to live the same exciting moments and those unique instants that are relevant to the artist. We understand the artist and the fan as a unique environment, where emotional moments are shared.

The way we see it is that it’s not particularly easy to be a music fan right now, let alone an artist. Being a fan can feel like a full time job. From finding new music to keeping up to date with the the artists you already love – it’s tough to find the time to stay on top of things.

The artists also need to find new ways to monetize all of the content they create and generate.

The new digital business models do not always look for quality in the content, “how many” seems more important than “what”, but this model is changing and now the fans are looking for quality and more interactive content. Rushmore wants to play an important role in this new trend, becoming an essential tool for quality content creation and also monetization.

The changes in the music industry have been very significant in the last few years and not only in the way that the artists monetize the content they create but also in the artist-fan relationships and even in the fan-fan relationships.


We think the answer to these problems will come if we can connect music fans directly and effortlessly with the artists that they love.

These groups are hungry for this kind of meaningful connection to each other. Artists and labels want the connection so they can make a decent living, and fans want the connection as part of a broader desire to engage with the music they love.

We want Rushmore to be the place that brings these sexy groups together.

Our journey

Firstly we started by making it easier to be a music fan. We created a place where fans can stay up to date with their favorite artists, discover and learn about new artists, show off their music fanship and generally have a good time.

Now it’s time for the artists to join us. We offer them the most fascinating and revolutionary tool for broadcasting unique interactive content in real time to engage and connect with those fans.

What’s next?

It’s always more fun to keep these things a surprise, but we can say that we’ve got a lot planned. As well as ongoing improvements to what’s already in place (making the site faster, making it easier to contribute, etc.) we’ve got a lot of work to do around giving artists more tools to make their lives easier (making it super simple for them to talk, to learn about their fans) and different ways for fans to discover and share their favorite jams.

To keep bang up to date on what we’re doing you should take a look at our blog.

We would do anything for Rushmore

(But we won’t do that)
  • We will never block a type of artist or music style. We are a music platform open to all artists and types of music.
  • We will never lock up your data. The work you do to build out your fan profile on Rushmore is yours forever and we’ll make it super accessible in a number of ways.
  • We will never close our data. We are building an open resource free to use by all. Think Wikipedia, yo.

How you can help

If you’re an artist who loves creating content:

  1. 1Join Rushmore as an artist to explore the great broadcasting tools we have created for you.
  2. 2Warm up your community of fans. Connecting your social networks to Rushmore will help you to have all your fans alert around your live content.
  3. 3Start to broadcast unique and exciting live content from your mobile or computer.
  4. 4Interact with your audience. Everybody wants to be part of the content.
  5. 5Let us know how we could help you more: email us on

If Rushmore sounds like something you want to be a part of, you can help in a number of ways.

  1. 1Join Rushmore as an artist or a fan explore some of the nicest music tools around we have created for you.
  2. 2Declare yourself a fan of your favorite artists, so they know who you are.
  3. 4Watch and interact with the live content of the artists
  4. 4“Adopt” some of your favorite artists and help tidy up their profiles with various contributions. Fill in any gaps in their bios, discography, etc, so they know you care.
  5. 5Share any artist news you come across, so your fellow fans are in the loop.
  6. 6Let us know how we could help you more: email us on

Our measures of success

We care about two numbers:

  1. 1The number of active artists on Rushmore. This is how we measure the potential and engagement of the live content. We are looking at a new perspective to understand the relationship between the artist and the fan.
  2. 2The number of active fans on Rushmore. This is how we measure the breadth of our impact. If we’re not the place where music fans spend their time, we’ll never be able to support artists in the right way.
  3. 3The amount of $ we bring to artists. It’s not enough for us to be a platform for artists, we want to help them make a better living out of what they do. We need to get these folks connected with the fans that love them, and subsequently enable some sweet, sweet commerce.

Pretty exciting stuff. At least we think so. We hope you do too.